The Third Nail (2008)

As Hailey Deonte

Director: Kevin Lewis
Release date: February 8, 2008

The film tells the story of Trey Deonte, an ordinary nice young man. Trey learns that his wife is pregnant just before he is wrongly imprisoned. Years later he is exonerated and released. Though his wife is now estranged, Trey develops a strong relationship with his young daughter Hailey and reacquaints with his childhood friend, Corey. It is revealed that both Trey and Corey were abused while growing up in a boys’ orphanage. Trey’s daughter is then kidnapped and murdered. With all that he loves taken away, Trey devotes himself to, and finally succeeds in, finding and capturing his daughter’s killer. With his tormentor’s life literally in his hands, Trey must confront the fundamental decision of whether to maintain his faith and forgive those who harmed him.

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